How to Make an Appointment

  •  Instructions (Download the step-by-step guide here.)
  1. For the first time, please register for an account on our tutoring scheduling system at Please answer all the questions in detail. When you finish registration, you will receive a registration confirmation email sent from the system. (Please note that fill in your English first and last names and Chinese full name to the two questions on the registration page. To make sure you will receive notifications from the system, please do not change the emailing options.)
  2. After a login, select a “white” time slot on the schedule for the Main Campus or Gongguan Campus to make an appointment with one of our tutors.
  3. Answer all the questions regarding speaking or writing tutoring in the appointment form in detail. (Select N/A to the questions regarding writing or speaking tutoring.) Please tell us your expectations and needs in the text area of the last question. Remember to upload one or more files for discussion. (Format: .pdf, .doc, .docx; File size: 5 MB)
  4. Arrive at Room 101, Pu Building on NTNU Main Campus or the Tutoring Room on the Library 3F on NTNU Gongguan Campus as scheduled with your student ID card/ staff ID card, printed materials and/or electronic device with the files for discussion.
  5. Finish the satisfaction survey ( before you leave.
  6.  If you have an edited version of your document(s), you can upload them onto the system by editing your appointment on the scheduling system.
  • Example:
    The furtherest time period of booking any given sessions is 14 days, and the nearest time period of booking any given sessions is 3 days, e.g., Mr. Johnson wants to make an appointment on December 15th. The furtherest date for booking the session is December 1st, and the nearest date for doing so is December 11th. 
  • Unless a force majeure event happens, students are not allowed to cancel an appointment. In case of force majeure, students should notify the center by phone immediately. Cancelation without notifying the center or within three days before the appointment date will be marked missed and the no-show student will be locked out of our scheduling system and unable to make future appointments for a following month.

Valid Applicants

  • Students (including postdoctoral researchers) and administration staff at NTNU; students at NTU or NTUST currently taking EMI courses at NTNU


  • The tutoring sessions of this semester start from February 14, 2022 to June 17, 2022, and will be conducted on the Main Campus and, starting from April 6, on Gongguan Campus. Sessions are offered by appointment during the times listed in the calendar below and should be scheduled at least 3 days prior to appointment date. Each session is at the length of an hour in which 50 minutes will be spent on discussing the student’s writing project while the rest 10 minutes will be used by the tutor for record keeping. A “no-show” student once will be locked out of our scheduling system and unable to make future appointments for a following month. The tutor will only wait for ten minutes. Being late for over ten minutes will be considered to be a “no-show”.
  • Not offering translation, word-for-word editing and revising services, job interviews, workplace conversation, and daily conversation tutoring services.
  • Booking sessions under others’ request is prohibited,  tutors are entitled to refuse to serve or stop the session under this circumstance.


(There are speaking sessions in the morning and writing session in the afternoon. A session is only available to one student. Please visit our scheduling system for the real-time availability.)