About CAL


National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) has been selected to be one of Taiwan’s landmark bilingual universities in the Program of Bilingual Education for Students in College (the BEST Program). After Taiwan passed the Bilingual Nation 2030 policy, NTNU established the Center for Academic Literacy (CAL) in 2021 to develop the English academic literacy of the students, staff, and postdoctoral fellows at NTNU, and to train bilingual professionals in all areas of expertise to improve NTNU’s competitiveness as a higher education establishment.  

  Since academic English involves more than just English proficiency, and each academic field has different types of writing styles and genres, the CAL offers comprehensive services to NTNU students and staff that meets their needs while accommodating different learning styles by: 

(1) Offering professional EAP courses

(2) Providing one-on-one tutoring on academic writing and speaking

(3) Hosting EAP workshops and lectures

(4) Providing materials, books, and corpora for learning purposes