How to Get to the CAL

  • Main campus:162, Heping East Road Section 1, Taipei 10610, Taiwan
  • Guting Station: Guting Station Exit 5 Walk alongside Heping East Road for 8 minutes
  • Taipower Building Station: Taipower Building Station Station Exit 4 Walk alongside Shi Da Road for 10 minutes
  • 18、235、237、278、295、672、907、Heping Metro Bus「N.T.N.U」、「N.T.N.U-General Building」
  • National Freeway No.1 :Yuanshan Interchange->Jianguo Elevated Road->Turn right onto Heping East Road->N.T.N.U
  • National Freeway No.3:Muzha Interchange->Xinhai Road-> turn right to Roosevelt Road-> Turn right to Heping East Road->N.T.N.U
  • Ankeng Interchange->Huanhe N-S Expressway->Shuiyuan Expressway->Turn right to Shi Da Road-> N.T.N.U.